Terms and Conditions

Prior to completing a reservation you must accept the following terms and conditions:


The reservation request is initiated through our website by filling out a reservation request form; via e-mail; or by phone call at (5411) 5237-0598 (our offices in Buenos Aires).

Within the following 48 business hours one of our representatives will contact you in order to provide you with information regarding availability and prices of the apartment/s you are willing to rent and the period of time you will stay therein.

For the reservation to be accepted, you must pay 30% of the aggregate rent price plus a US$25 administrative fee. Such payment may be made (I) by transfer through a money transfer services company, (ii) in cash at our offices, (iii) through a VISA credit card or (iv) by bank transfer. The outstanding price balance will be paid out in cash at the time of the check-in, whether in US dollars, Euros or their equivalent at that time in local currency. At that time, you and the apartment owner (or his/her attorney in fact) will execute a temporary rent agreement, an eviction agreement (convenio de desocupación) and the relevant list of items existing in the apartment (inventario), each of which should be carefully reviewed by both parties prior to the execution and delivery thereof. The apartment keys will be given to you and our representative will show you the apartment and the use of its facilities, will explain you the building rules you should comply with and will advise you as to the area where the apartment is located, available transportation, touristic places, bars, restaurants, parks, etc., provided that this piece of advice is not a part of the services rendered by Deptos Temprarios (even though Deptos Temporarios does not currently charge for said advice, but reserves its rights to do it in the future). If more than the number of hosts originally agreed upon remain in the apartment, the agreement may be terminated by the owner and you will have to release the apartment immediately losing your right to claim the reimbursement of any of the funds you paid in connection with the rent.

All the owners expressly reserve the admission right as regards one or more hosts. If such right is enforced by an owner, we will make our best efforts to find suitable alternatives for you. At the time of the check-in both the owner and the tenant will agree on the time of the check-out. Apartments must be returned in the same cleanliness and order conditions as the ones that existed when the apartment was made available to the tenant. Otherwise, the relevant amount will be withheld from the deposit.


Unless otherwise expressly indicated, the rates published on our website include building expenses (expensas), local taxes, energy, gas, water and, when indicated, cable TV, internet access and maid service (with the frequency expressly indicated). The provision of maid services as part of the lease rate does not release tenants from their obligation to return the apartment in the same cleanliness and order conditions as the ones that existed when the apartment was made available to them.

No matter what apartment has been rented, the period of time that tenants will stay therein or the lease rate, we charge every rent transaction with a US$25 administrative fee.

Most of our apartments have pre-paid telephone lines. To make phone calls from those apartments, tenants have to purchase local pre-paid telephone cards from the relevant local agent. You can receive unlimited phone calls in apartments with pre-paid telephone lines. In the event that the apartment has a different policy regarding telephone use, it will be informed to you in advance. As one of our policies, many of our exclusive apartments do not have telephone lines.

Security Deposit

Tenants must pay, together with the lease rate, a security deposit the amount of which vary depending on the term of the lease agreement and the type of apartment. The security deposit must be paid in cash (US dollars or its equivalent in Euros or pesos) and will be returned, without interest or any other additional amount whatsoever, on the check-out date after review of the apartment and the inventory list (inventario) attached to the lease agreement. Any damages caused by the tenant will be charged to the tenant in accordance with the amounts set forth in the inventario, which amounts may be withheld from the security deposit (and, in the event that the amount of the damages is higher than the amount of the security deposit, the tenant will have to pay the difference in cash at the time of the check-out). The same rule will apply to cleanliness costs.

Check In

If the apartment is released from a previous lease on the date of your check-in, your check-in will take place no prior to 2:00 p.m. so that the apartment may be made available to you in sound condition, following the proper cleaning thereof. The standard check-in window of time is from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We do not accept check-ins from midnight to 10:00 a.m. If you anticipate that your check-in will have to take place later than 6:00 p.m., please keep us informed of that fact so we can make the necessary arrangements. Check-ins made out of the regular window of time are charged with the following additional fee:

Check In: From 10 AM to 6 PM (free from extra charge)
From 6 PM to 10 AM (US$15 extra charge)*

(*) To the extent that this procedure has been agreed upon with the apartment owner


Most of the apartments displayed on our website may be reserved for periods of at least one week, except as expressly indicated. According to local laws, the maximum stay period for temporary rentals is six months, which stay period may be renewed for another six-month period. Apartments Buenos Aires - DeptosTEMPORARIOS is in charge of carrying out all tasks and paperwork related to the reservation and occupation of apartments rented through our company. In the event that for any reason there exists any restriction or impossibility to occupy an apartment within the requested period of time, we will offer available alternatives that meet similar conditions and characteristics. It is a requirement that you provide us with the names and ages of all the persons that will reside in the apartment. The occupation of the apartment by persons other than the ones informed to us gives the owner of the apartment the right to terminate the agreement and to request the eviction of all occupants. In those events, tenants will have no right to request the restitution of any amount paid in connection with the rent. Both Apartments Buenos Aires - DeptosTEMPORARIOS and the apartment owners reserve their right of admission. Tenants have the obligation to inform us as to any inconvenience or problem arisen in the apartment in order for Apartments Buenos Aires - DeptosTEMPORARIOS to be able to timely respond and resolve the problem.

Check Out

On the check-out date the tenant will return the apartment keys to the owner and the owner will return the security deposit to the tenant after review of the inventario and monitoring the apartment condition. Any missing item, breakage or worsening in the apartment condition will be discounted from the security deposit and the relevant amount will be withheld by the owner. If another check-in will take place on the same date, the check-out must take place no later than 10:00 am.

Check Out: From 10 AM to 6 PM (free from extra charge)
From 6 PM to 10 AM (US$15 extra charge)*

(*) To the extent that this procedure has been agreed upon with the apartment owner


In the event that the tenant desires to cancel a reservation or shorten his or her stay in an apartment, no amount already paid by such tenant (other than the security deposit) will be returned to him/her, and all such amounts will be considered to be a penalty for non-compliance. The term on temporary rent agreements may not be extended. In order to extend your stay in an apartment, please contact Apartments Buenos Aires - DeptosTEMPORARIOS as soon as practicable in order for us to confirm the availability of the apartment for the additional period. If available, a new temporary rent agreement will be executed.

Given that amounts paid (other than as security deposit) may not be returned to the tenant, we recommend that you execute the agreement for a short term and then, if necessary, execute additional agreement/s in order to extend your stay in the apartment.

Agreement to these Terms and Conditions

By accessing or using this Site and/or our services, you agree to these terms of use and conditions (including, without limitation, the reservation and cancellation policies). If you do not agree to these terms you may not use this Site nor our services.